Toyota Yaris: Theft deterrent system - Keys and Doors - Toyota Yaris XP90 2005–2010 Owner's ManualToyota Yaris: Theft deterrent system

(vehicles sold in Puerto Rico only)

To deter vehicle theft, the system is designed to sound an alarm if any of

To deter vehicle theft, the system is designed to sound an alarm if any of the side doors, back door or hood is forcibly unlocked and opened.

The alarm blows the horn intermittently and flashes the headlights, tail lights and turn signal lights, and turns on the interior light.



1. Turn the ignition key to the “LOCK” position and remove it.

2. Have all passengers get out of the vehicle.

3. Close and lock all the side doors, back door and hood.

Use the key to lock the last door.

When the back door is the last, turn the key to the unlock position and then turn to the door lock position.

The indicator light will remain on when all the side doors, back door and hood are closed and locked.

The system will automatically be set after 30 seconds. When the system is set, the indicator light will start flashing.

4. After making sure the indicator light starts flashing, you may leave the vehicle.

Never leave anyone in the vehicle when you set the system, because unlocking from the inside will activate the system.


Activating the system

The system will sound the alarm if any of the side doors is unlocked or if the back door or hood is forcibly opened without the key.

The indicator light will come on when the system is activated.

After one minute, the alarm will automatically stop and the indicator light will starts flashing again.

Reactivating the alarm

Once set, the system automatically resets the alarm after the alarm stops.

The alarm will activate again under the same circumstances described in “Activating the system”.

Stopping the alarm

The alarm will be stopped by the following two ways: Turn the ignition key from the “LOCK” to “ON” position.

Unlock any of the doors with the key.


The system will be cancelled by the above mentioned 2 ways.

If the tail lights come on for 2 seconds, the theft deterrent system has been alarmed. Check to see if there is any abnormality with your vehicle.


1. Open all the windows.

2. Set the system as described above.

The doors should be locked with the key. Be sure to wait until the indicator light goes off or starts flashing.

3. Unlock any side door from the inside.

The system should activate the alarm.

4. Stop the alarm as described above.

5. Repeat this operation for the other doors, back door and hood.

If the system does not work properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer.

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